Leading investors are now increasingly concerned about being able to understand and demonstrate the positive impact of their green investments. Investors also increasingly ask for transparent and structured impact reporting to understand and demonstrate their impact, and point to that it is today very time consuming and often impossible to assess the impact of their investments.

The Green Assets Wallet technology aims to support these investors, and mainstream investors, to better understand and identify and monitor impactful investments, and more efficiently fulfill their potential to finance the transition to low carbon economies and delivery on the Sustainable Development Goals.

To log In as an Investor, please visit the investor interface to create your account:

Investor user guide

When logged in, Investors can create one or multiple portfolios using tab Create portfolio and search for bonds to add to this portfolio. Issuers, validators and bonds can be searched for under each separate tab.

An issuers aggregated impact from projects can be seen on their respective profiles. On the project page it is possible to see if this project has been validated.