The Green Asset Wallet debated at Sustainable Finance Conference

Erika Wranegård, fund manager at Öhman, presented the Green Asset Wallet innovation project at the annual conference for sustainable finance in Sweden (Hållbara Finanser by Aktuell Hållbarhet and Dagens Industri).

Asset management firm Öhman is a leader in sustainable investing and a project partner to the Green Asset Wallet. Erika Wranegård explained the current barriers in the green bond market such as costs to entry, and how a technology such as the Green Assets Wallet can address these in support of scaling the market.

The presentation was followed by a panel discussion with Björn Bergstrand (Kommuninvest), Tobias Lindbergh (Handelsbanken), Cecilia Repinski (Stockholm Green Digital Finance) and Erika Wranegård.