Can fintech accelerate green finance in Central and South Asia?

As leaders in green finance convene in Astana, Kazakstan, this week to discuss how to green the financial system in South Asia, fintech is on the agenda.

Fintech solutions for green finance was on the agenda in Kazakstan this week. With a growing number of investors looking for opportunities to invest in sustainable finance there is a growing need for green capital reallocation. Fintech solutions can assist with this in a several ways, from providing the computing power for big data analysis of datasets and methodologies to standardise green reporting, making it easier for investors to monitor their green investments, to creating digital platforms to facilitate green capital markets issuances, even on a smaller scale, allowing a greater number of issuers to access the capital markets for their green financing needs.

Linn Ternsjö, Project Coordinator for the Green Assets Wallet introduced the technology platform that, in particular, is designed to support new issuers in emerging markets to enter the green debt market.